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Designing for COPPA

Designing for COPPA

If you’ve never heard of COPPA, consider yourself lucky… and now, warned. Chances are, if you’re finding this article via a search engine, you’re already in the thick of it. For that, I offer my consolations and a few lessons learned.
People DO Care About Little "p" Privacy

People DO Care About Little “p” Privacy

There’s a common perception that people don’t care about privacy. This is sort of right. Our research shows that most users are unaware of how extensively they’re being tracked by advertisers across the websites they visit. Even those that do know are unsure of what to do about it. They know there’s a horrible legalese...

How to Interview a Developer

I’m in the fortunate position of interviewing developers for the Identity team at Mozilla. I’m not sure how common it is for a designer to interview a developer, but that’s how we do. I queried Twitter “Designers: When interviewing a developer for your team, what are your best questions for finding out if you’ll work...
Code Talks and Designers Don't Speak the Language

Code Talks and Designers Don’t Speak the Language

In an exasperated voice “Why is it so hard to get designers in open source.” I hear this all the time. Well firstly, it depends on what sorts of skills you’re talking about. Just like in code, there are small tactical problems that are good first bugs. Even the simplest issue requires a knowledge of...
Simple: Getting users to pick strong, memorable passwords

Simple: Getting users to pick strong, memorable passwords

Simple (a.k.a. Bank Simple) is doing a hell of a job with their password strength indicator. Here’s a sneak peak into their interface. Thanks to Ryan Snyder for getting me a super early invite.
Chief eXperience Officer at Mozilla in 2012

Chief eXperience Officer at Mozilla in 2012

  Yes, this is a post about Mozilla, but you can generalize to any open-source software project. At every conference I hear the same refrain, “Why is design so hard in open source?” It’s so hard because *drumroll please* it’s not made a priority. None of the top decision-makers are designers. Period. The End. You...
Web typography: hyphenation & justification

Web typography: hyphenation & justification

Post in collaboration with Bram Pitoyo, Digital Design Strategist & Typographer at Wieden+Kennedy. Firefox joined Safari in supporting hyphenation. Despite CSS coming out 14 years ago in 1996, we’re just now getting some of the fine-grained controls necessary for beautiful typography. Details of the proposed spec at Mozilla Developer Network. -webkit-hyphens: auto; -moz-hyphens: auto; hyphens:...
Three Things You Don't Know About Mozilla

Three Things You Don’t Know About Mozilla

Even though I’d been using Firefox for a half a dozen years and have been working in tech for a decade, there was a lot I didn’t know about Mozilla until recently. Judging from the questions I’ve been fielding since I accepted the position, you don’t know either. Mozilla is a non-profit. Unlike Google and...

Inked with Mozilla

Hooray! I just inked a contract with Mozilla to come on as a full-time UX Designer. I’ll be working on external stuff like campaign sites and internal tools like crash reporter. I start June 13th. The whole 35 person Web UX team is flying up to Portland the week after to meet me. Ok, not...